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All about Pilots – Program Design, Best Practices & Results

Available NOW!

On May 15, we launched the first of AESP’s Webcast Series. Various experts will give you a complete picture of Pilot Programs – from designing them, best practices, pitfalls to avoid and results from actual programs.

May 15 – Webcast available on the AESP LMS.
May 15-June 2 – Discussion board open for Q&A  



Pilots are an essential first step before the successful introduction of any new energy-saving program that benefits energy users and the community. However a badly designed pilot could also kill a great idea for reasons that are completely unrelated to the concept or the product itself, or worse, wrongfully lead one down the path of full deployment only to be faced with failure. Therefore every new energy conservation technology, or previously untested program design, benefits from a well-designed pilot. Small in scale and low-risk, pilots identify unexpected issues, predict program uptake, potential savings and more, to inform the design for full deployment. Implementing pilots are "no brainers" but there are things you need to know. In this three-hour webcast, you'll leave with all the essentials you need to design and implement pilots including:

• The key considerations in program design
• The pitfalls to avoid
• Get a sneak peek of new concepts currently being piloted, including a Zero Net Energy home pilot, a demand management pilot, geotargeting for the agricultural market pilot, and an in-house Ecoconcierge pilot. Hear their experiences, lessons learned and results so far
• Challenges faced and how to overcome them.


Line-up of Presentations & Speakers


  • The Why, What, and How of Successful Pilot Design, Kessie Avseikova, Opinion Dynamics and Teddy Kisch, Energy Solutions
  • So you want to get to Zero? How to pilot a utility-run ZNE program, Tiina Aardemae and Celia King-Scott, DNV GL
  • How Smart Home Energy Management Changes the way Customers see their Home, Joel Miller, DTE
  • Innovating is Demand-ing: Overcoming the challenges presented from a demand management pilot, Mark Brown, Accelerated Innovations and Matthew Matenaer, Franklin Energy Services
  • Using Geotargeting to Reach Rural Agricultural Customers for Municipal and Cooperative Utilities, Liza Minor, WECC
  • Behavior Change Pilots. Benchmarking, Competition and Rewards: An Experimental Approach to Mass-Scale Multifamily Residential Energy and Water Conservation, Hal Nelson, Residential Energy and Water Intelligence (Res-Intel)
  • Sustainability at your Service: How an Ecoconcierge can boost savings from the hard-to-reach multifamily market, Claire Cowan, Seventhwave
  • The 4Ps of Behavior Change: Implementing a New Marketing Mix in DSM Engagement, Jeff Adam, Alliant Energy 

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About AESP Webcast Series

Give us about three hours and we'll give you a full 360-degree view on a topic. AESP’s Webcasts deliver of-the-moment timely content, online and on-demand, through AESP’s learning management system (LMS). Instead of you having to travel to conferences to learn, we bring the topics to you! Like a conference, AESP Webcasts feature multiple presentations from different speakers, with each presentation exploring different aspects of the topic in about 30 minutes, for a total of about 3-4 hours in a webcast.

AESP Webcasts are designed to work with your busy schedule

  • You choose the day. Listen to the webcast on the very same day it launches, the day after, one week later or anytime within one year of purchasing it.*
  • You pick how you want to learn. You can listen to all the presentations all at once (3-4 hours) or split up over a couple of days. With AESP’s LMS platform, you can pick up right where you left off, and even start over at any point.
  • Ask questions*. The speakers will be available to answer your questions for 3 weeks following the launch date. Simply post your questions in the discussion board and it will be answered within 2 business days. You can also see what others have asked, their answers, and add your further questions or comments.


1. All About Pilots, now available

2. Emerging Technologies, coming in July

3. Behavior Change, coming in September

4. Distributed Energy Resources & Storage, coming in November

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